I'm Dennis Bosher, or as most in the community call me, Triplecap. I am a graphic designer, an aspiring FPV drone pilot, and a gamer. I first started dabbling into graphic design back in 1997. My first copy of Photoshop was version 4.0, long before the CS series. I just tinkered around a bit back then, but I loved it. Actually I loved everything about computers and technology. Around this same time I was even doing some programming in Visual Basic. Just noob stuff, but I made some neat little programs. I didnt start focusing on a design career until around 2006, where I picked it back up as a hobby. After the economy crashed around that time, I was laid off from the engineering firm I was working at in South Florida. Always an entrepreneur at heart, I decided to turn my hobby as a graphic designer into a career, and Skilled Graphics was born.

Initially it was a lot of small projects and I barely managed to keep bills caught up, but after connecting with a small PR firm in Portland Oregon, things began to change for the better. That small Portland PR firm is now one of the largest firms in NYC, with offices in Portland and Hong Kong. Approximately 90 percent of the work i do now is for that PR firm.

Even with this work, I still have time for my love of gaming. I have been a part of the gaming community for several years now. For the last year or so I have been designing for the best clan in the world, The Desert Mercs. As I mentioned I also have another hobby. I have been flying drones for about a year now, Mostly just line of sight, but I am also learning to fly with FPV goggles, which is so much harder than it seems. I post a lot of videos which usually undergo a bit of editing so that they are somewhat entertaining. At least that's my hope.

Well, thats me in a nut-shell. I hope you will follow me on Twitter, Subscribe to my Youtube (links in the footer). Check me out sometime! And if you ever need some design work.. I dont work for free, but I will be very fair.