Not Willing To Risk The Snow Just Yet

I really want to fly. I really really do... You see the thing is...

I just recently repaired my quad. And it's not that I am afraid that I am going to kill it.. well that's part of it, but there is snow on the ground and it is very soggy and wet out, but it's not just that... I would go outside in my driveway where there is a bit of snow free ground that I could easily launch and land from, but because I do not quite trust my repair yet I think I am going to wait. The reason is just out of caution.. I am afraid that if my repair does not hold my quad will fly out of control and end up hitting one of my neighbors homes or vehicles... Don't want to "Ruin the Hobby". I did a quick hover test last night, and everything was fine.. but I just don't trust it quite yet. Of course I could always walk through the snow a mile into the woods and fly in the field I usually fly, but talk about snow soggy and wet... it's a disaster waiting to happen. So... I will wait until the snow melts and the ground dries out a bit. Sure I could waterproof my drone but honestly we do not get a lot of snow around here, just a few inches here and there and I really don't feel like putting in the effort. So as I said.. I will wait until its a bit drier... But I REALLY want to fly! Ugh!..

I sometimes feel like if I don't fly every day I will forget how... and after going several months without flying I know that's not too far from truth. When my very first quad died, I went almost a year without flying FPV... I still flew a little LOS but no FPV. When I finally got back in the air with goggles on, it wasn't quite like starting over, but I was VERY rusty and pretty much had to learn again.. I only had about 20 FPV flights under my belt before my quad died, but after my little hiatus I could definitely feel the rust. Now that I have shaken most of that rust off and started improving, I don't want to regress.

The weather looks pretty dry for most of next week so I should be ok. Looking forward to drier weather and ripping skies!