Waiting on the Mailman is Nerve Racking

Well... with incoming snow and slush, my VTX could not have picked a better time to commit suicide. Today is Monday, it's the first dry and somewhat warm day since its unfortunate incident, and my new VTX is on the way and scheduled to be delivered today. I find myself checking the driveway everytime I hear a car engine, or a door shut, which is quite often, in hopes that the postman will make it here before the sunlight fades. Unfortunately its been my experience that that is seldom ever the case. I will wait anxiously all day, expecting a knock on the door at every half hour, until 30 minutes before sunset, when I finally hear that knock from the man or woman I have been impatiently awaiting, just in time to see the sunlight fade into the incoming darkness.


This wait has got to be the most nerve racking feeling ever. I don't know if others get this way when they are waiting on a part that is keeping them from flying, but its a stressful and usually disapointing feeling. Especially when there isnt enough time to install the part and fly before its dark out. Its a strange thing that happens when your part arrives like this. It's disappointing, because you won't fly that day, but its reassuring, because tomorrow is a go. And then.... Rain.

I am kidding.. I am waiting for the part now as I type this and experiencing all of the formentioned emotions. It would be nice to fly, but its usually too late by the time the package arrives.. it's kind of typical for me. There is no rain in tomorrows forcast so hopefully I will get my VTX connected and ready for tomorrow, but it sure would be nice if the mail ran a little closer to noon than not.