Back from the dead.. Rising from the YouTube graveyards...

the TripleCap vs Evil saga RETURNS. You can try to suppress the truth but you can never change the facts.

Below is the story of how @Legion_PEG founder of Projekt Evil Gaming has scammed and taken advantage of people, multiple times. Anyone that confronts them immediately gets blocked. When the videos below were posted they were flagged by @Legion_Peg and his goons and taken down.. For that reason I have uploaded them to my own server where my first amendment rights wont be censored. All images and references used in these videos are protected by the fair use act.


Trip VS EVIL Part 1


TripleCap Vs Evil... OK, heres the deal.. Projekt Evil requested work, I did the work, Projekt evil said they "liked it a lot" wanted a revision, I did the revision, Projekt Evil changed their minds, and didn't pay the measly $25 for the work requested... They blocked me, mocked me, and dared me to "tweet it out" so I did.. @Legion_PEG is a deadbeat scumbags.

Trip VS EVIL Part 2


In the beginning I was ripped off.. (See Part 1) In the end their logo was ripped off.. Literally...
This video shows how Projekt Evil continued to rip people off. After this video was released Projekt Evil Gaming was forced to remove the logo they were stealing.. They supposedly were going to be removing it anyway in a couple months.. but when the news was out that the logo they were using was stolen it sped up the importance of burying the evidence.

Shortly after this video was uploaded to youtube.. it was flagged by @Legion_Peg and his goons, removing it from Youtube even though it was complient with all of their terms and protected by fair use.

Fortunately for me and you.. Youtube may censor things on their site.. my site will remain censor free and you can see the tale of Projeckt Evil and how they like to steal, scam, and take advantage of others in the gaming community.


Trip VS EVIL Part 3


You would think that after all of the hell I gave these guys about their logo, they would be a bit more original.. Well apparently not.

Shortly after Part 2 above was released, they changed their logo to the image below-left. This segment of the Trip VS Evil saga is not really as bad as the others, because the logos arent identical, but I thought it was still worth writing about. So...

The image on the bottom left is Projekt Evils new logo, the image next to it belongs to Strix,  (get this) a gaming headset company. No its not exact, but it is very similar and borders with unoriginality, yet again. You would think if they were going to steal another design, they would at the very least, not pick one in the gaming community. This further proves, whether its ordering a service they dont pay for or straight up theft, they will continue to take advantage of the gaming community..  Shame on you Projekt Evil.. Shame on you.



These videos are hosted by my business Skilled Graphics, LLC and will remain here until I take it down. I also used an interesting new video upload program, which also allowed me to upload the videos to 25+ other smaller video sites.. so good luck Legion... The day you publically appologize to me and the rest of the community is the day I will disable this video and the other links.