Something in the Works

So I have had this S500 project in the works for about a year now. I didn't have all of the parts so I never got around to working on it much. Finally a few weeks ago, I ordered the parts I needed to complete it. They finally arrived yesterday.

I have gotten everything soldered and mostly setup. I did have one little scare. The main power pads on the PDB were a little confusing, and I soldered my leads incorrectly, causing a big spark and quite a bit of smoke that I can still smell hours later. Luckily the short stopped right there and didn't harm any of the other components. I fixed the problem and I have connected to the software, tested motors, and assigned modes, and everything seems to be fine.


This should be a great drone. I am using the SharkX6 GPS Flight system, so I will have complete use of GPS satellites, RTH, auto land, altitude hold.. the works. I plan on using this quad for taking some decent scenic video. I just need to get my hands on a really good camera. Really looking forward to getting this thing in the air. Unfortunately I have used some of the screws on other rigs over the months it has been sitting.. so I am missing a little hardware, but that is not a problem at all. Everything at this point is setup, I just need to add a few screws, attach the bottom plate, and throw the 10" props on and we can try the first flight. Of course I will document that on video so stay tuned! Happy flying folks!