All Systems Go!

We are back! Went out this afternoon and had an amazing flight. The shakes are 100% gone and the ol Shuriken is flying nice. No more low radio signal warnings either. I did have a little interference in my video. Come to find out I was flying on the wrong band, not sure how but this entire flight was using the wrong band.. and if you watch the included video there are some clips from my DVR of the noisy video. I took it pretty easy during the flight.. I pushed it a little but not too much.

So after my flight session, I took it home , to do some testing, and I couldn't get any video at all. So I felt pretty lucky that I got to fly at all. I hooked up another video receiver that I had laying around and was able to pick up the video nice and clear which confirmed I was not on the right band. So I took it apart, changed the band, tested it with my goggles and we were good to go. Put it all back together, and now all systems are a go!!

Tomorrow should be an even better flight, I might even push it some. Everything seems to be in perfect working order again so why not!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Happy Flying!