It's Not the Prettiest but its Progress!

So I went out to fly.. as soon as I walked out the door I noticed raindrops on the car windshield. Of Course that didn't stop me I just hurried as quick as I could to the filed, in the light rain, hoping to get in the air before it got worse.

I threw on the first pack and launched into the sky. The rain was still lightly falling and by the time I got to the second pack, it had picked up a little, but the overall flight was a good one. Still quite a bit of video break-up but it was manageable.

Of course as soon as I got home to throw the footage together, I realized my HD cam malfunctioned and the video files were corrupted. So DVR to the rescue. If you watch the video you can see some of the video issues I am having. Check it out and let me know if you think that is normal or a bit excessive.

Luckily I did salvage part of one of the HD videos which you can view below. Overall not a bad session, just a little wet! Until next time guys! Happy flying!