A Great December Flight

On the most beautiful December afternoons so far, I managed to get 3 packs ripped without any major issues. It was a lovely 62 degrees outside with a slight breeze. The sun was shining and the sky was calling.

The first couple packs were pretty much flawless. I focused mostly on controlling my craft and less on trying to do tricks. I still thew a roll or a split S in here and there, but mostly just made the quad go where I wanted it to go. At the end of the second flight, I touched down a little early and bounced on the ground. It came back up but almost instantly my video died. Luckily I think I have figured out why my VTX dies for what seems to be no reason. It's my theory that because I have all of my components squished so tightly in between the top and lower frame, any sudden jolt actually presses the channel button, causing me to loose the video altogether. Knowing that is great, but figuring out what to do about is gonna be tough. I am pretty much out of room and can't really move anything around. I will have to open her up and take a look.

On the 3rd flight I let t loose a little bit. Unfortunately my HD camera did not want to record that particular flight. Luckily DVR saves the day again. Definitely one of the best investments I have made lately with all of my camera issues.. And it was only like $12. I have a new camera on the way, hopefully it will solve my camera issues. The ones I have been using I have had for over a year, and they have taken quite a bit of abuse.

All and all a great flight session. Hopefully tomorrow is just as nice. I just can't wait to get back in the air again. Happy flying guys!